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  • INTRO TO WINE MAKING7/30/2016 10:00 AM

    registerI like this class a lot because we keep it simple and fun. Wine making isn’t hard and we will discuss the various methods you might want to try.


    registerIf you’ve ever had an emotional connection to a plant and feared losing it to disease, pet trampling or careless playing in the yard then listen up. Cloning a plant is way of taking a piece of your plant and growing a new plant from that piece. We will discuss cloning and the methods you can use to ensure that your favorite plant lives on through its clones.


    registerGrab the kids and come on down to this class. This is a fun class to bring the kids to. We will talk about the processes and drink a little soda and root beer too. This is simple and you can do it with very limited materials, time and experience.


    registerWe will discuss the testing, pruning, and servicing of an aquaponic garden. We will test for Nitrogen, pH, dissolved solids, and other critical nutrient and toxin levels. This has been a popular subject and we will hopefully help you become more comfortable with the idea of building your own aquaponic system.

  • INTRO TO BEER MAKING8/13/2016 10:00 AM

    registerThis is the best attended class we offer…and we know it’s a good class. We will cover ALL of the hardware needed, how to use the hardware, what ingredients are used and what they do. If you’re a new beer maker, interested beer drinker, or a soon-to-be brewer this a fun class and you’ll enjoy your short time investment.

  • MAKING A YEAST STARTER8/13/2016 2:00 PM

    registerWhen making beer, one of the things you can do to improve your already decent beer is to pitch a live, active and substantial yeast colony to get fermentation started quickly. We will help you get started on this simple, but important step.

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Nolen Buffalo, owner
The Water Buffalo is owned by Nolen Buffalo and his family. Nolen is from Little Rock, AR and has spent most of his life living and working in the Little Rock area. Nolen has been brewing beers of all sorts for nearly 20 years using multiple techniques and styles ranging from simple to very complex. In addition to making beer, wine, cider and other fermented beverages Nolen has been growing indoor gardens for over 15 years. Using hydroponics, organics, aeroponics and recently aquaponics, Nolen has a lot of experience managing any types and styles of gardens. More recently, Nolen has taken on cheese making, pickling, and mushroom growing.

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